Face coverings have been “huge challenge” for deaf people by The National Deaf Children’s Society

06th Jul 2021

The National Deaf Children’s Society has responded to the Government’s decision to lift most Covid-19 restrictions in England, including face coverings, from July 19th.

Deafinitely Mum – Should children learn sign language?

25th Jun 2021

  Hello! Deafinitely Mum here! Today is a truly exciting vlog, I created this vlog especially for Signature, a company that provided BSL courses, so I’m very excited to work with them on this vlog! I had been wondering about this vlog; how could Deafinitely mum be linked to Signature? Ahh! Of course! So stupid! …

Course correction: Why it’s vital your British Sign Language (BSL) course is regulated and accredited

24th Jun 2021

I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve fallen foul to it myself. Having accepted that most accredited British Sign Language (BSL) courses were too expensive for me to enrol in, I settled for a cheap online programme. It was, I was told, a course which had been heavily discounted from hundreds of pounds down to double digits, and with a voucher code, I could bring it down to an affordable £12.

The reasons I teach…Marie Biswell

23rd Jun 2021

Imagine being told daily how useless you are and how you shouldn’t be where you are now and how even if you go to the people that are supposed to believe you, they don’t or tell you that you’re exaggerating…… This was my reality daily going through school to the point that for two and half years I stopped talking altogether, I was not listened to when I tried to report what was happening so what was the point.

The big wide world

22nd Jun 2021

You may have read “Who am I?”, looking back at my school days which have a mixture of happy memories, as well as some unhappy ones, and dealing with all those difficult emotions as a deaf teenager in a hearing environment. This article is focusing on my path through Further Education and my views on …

Sign Names and Fingerspelling for Euro 2020 teams

15th Jun 2021

For anyone who want to know the British Sign Language – Sign Names and Fingerspelling for Euro 2020 teams. There are 24 European Teams to learn. Feel free to watch and do share this video and enjoy the Euro 2020 Football.

Outstanding Success Rate Despite Pandemic

11th Jun 2021

I am lost for words as to how I feel about the outstanding results of this BSL Level 2 course but will try and summarise the success and passion shown by the participants. The course only commenced a few weeks before the outbreak of Covid in the UK and subsequent Lockdown and restrictions were put in place.

Sign Language Dilemmas – what does the Interpreter wear?

08th Jun 2021

People do not always understand the need for BSL Interpretation (pen and paper works a treat most of the time doesn’t it?) and the role of the Interpreter can be an unwelcome addition/intrusion to the communication process. So, rightly or wrongly, the Interpreter will often become the benchmark and the deaf client will be judged accordingly.

Deaf fitness coach India Morse releases accessible workout series with Joe Wicks

07th Jun 2021

India Morse, a Deaf online fitness instructor and owner of ‘You Lean Me Up’ has released a new series of accessible workout videos with fitness star Joe Wicks. The series launched on The Body Coach’s official YouTube channel yesterday. The videos cover all fitness levels from beginner to intermediate and advanced workouts, they are fully …

CSW and Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI); good practices, stretches, and relaxation techniques (Updated: Jul 23, 2020)

28th May 2021

A communicator’s job is never easy and you can find yourselves working in varied and sometimes stressful situations. You will be dealing with real life situations and will need to know how to be flexible and spontaneous, whilst still maintaining in your role.

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