Concentration Fatigue

26th May 2021

Concentration fatigue is experienced by many deaf and hard of hearing individuals in the deaf community. This simply means that we are using more of our cognitive resources when we are lip-reading, listening to others, and following conversations in sign language. Deaf and hard of hearing people must pay more attention and concentrate harder, in comparison to individuals who are hearing.

Who am I?

25th May 2021

My name is Joanne,  you may know me as the person who wrote the song ‘Give Us the Sign’  written to support the campaign #Where is the interpreter.  I created a choir in 2020 which had a wonderful mix of people with a vast range of age differences, signing ability and a mix of d/Deaf and hearing people.  We created a video which can be viewed on YouTube signing along to Liv Austen singing the lyrics  ‘Give Us The Sign’.  Have a look and see what you think?

Being a deafened teacher in a mainstream primary school

18th May 2021

I was five years old when I decided I wanted to be a teacher. I had all my teddies lined up on the floor of our living room while to took the register (because that’s what being a teacher is, obviously!)

All the educational choices I made from that point on, got me to where I am now – a teacher. However, over the course of my 14 years as a teacher, I’ve gone from a mild, manageable hearing loss to a moderate/severe hearing loss with two hearing aids, and it has changed my whole experience of teaching.

What is deaf identity?

13th May 2021

What is deaf identity? There is much contention in society around deafness and deaf identity. Conflicting opinions around what level of hearing loss constitutes ‘deaf’, can cause confusion and upset. Too often we hear ‘You can speak, so you’re not really deaf’, or ‘You don’t sign, so you’re not really deaf’. How do we then …

Signature is celebrating Mental Health Awareness Week

10th May 2021

Today marks the launch of Mental Health Awareness Week, the UK’s national week to raise awareness of mental health.  

The week, which is hosted by the Mental Health Foundation, is in its 21st year and runs from 10-16 May.

How deaf are you?

05th May 2021

‘How deaf are you? Can you write it down?’

This is what I was asked when trying to access emergency medical care at the local Accident and Emergency department of my local hospital, recently. That said, I only know what was asked of me thanks to my partner, who heard and repeated for me from behind a clear panel mask. Experiencing the beginning of an anxiety attack anyway, the isolation, inaccessibility and judgement of the situation only served to make me feel worse and I left, against medical advice.

Diagnosis, treatment and mental health

04th May 2021

May is Mental Health Awareness month so I wanted to share a little about my mental health as it relates to my hearing disability. As someone diagnosed with moderate-severe hearing loss at a young age, and more recently with sudden hearing loss, I know how closely intertwined my own mental health is with my hearing journey. Sharing this story is difficult, but I want to write it in honor of Mental Health month.

The Misconceptions Of Deafness

03rd May 2021

There are many different misconceptions and myths surrounding hearing loss/deafness. Many abled people, are quick to make assumptions regarding deafness, because it is considered an ‘invisible disability’. In the past, deafness as a disability has been considered a ‘taboo’ subject, and has only recently been spoken about more widely, thanks to social media, which has …

Getting to know Vilma Jackson

30th Apr 2021

Hello, first of all, I would like to introduce myself, my name is Vilma Jackson. I am Deaf and a performance artist; I have worked as a performing artist for 12 years in many different roles including TV, Film and Theatre. I work with both hearing and deaf actors and directors.


30th Apr 2021

Hello, my name is Annie. I am a young adult from Columbus, Ohio who has moderate to severe hearing loss. I was diagnosed when I was two years old, thanks to my mom. She was the first person to notice there was something wrong with my ears when I was just a baby. Because of her attention to detail and persistence she was able to get me the help I needed and has been with me every step of my hearing loss journey.

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