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Sign Names and Fingerspelling for Euro 2020 teams

15th Jun 2021

For anyone who want to know the British Sign Language – Sign Names and Fingerspelling for Euro 2020 teams. There are 24 European Teams to learn. Feel free to watch and do share this video and enjoy the Euro 2020 Football.

Outstanding Success Rate Despite Pandemic

11th Jun 2021

I am lost for words as to how I feel about the outstanding results of this BSL Level 2 course but will try and summarise the success and passion shown by the participants. The course only commenced a few weeks before the outbreak of Covid in the UK and subsequent Lockdown and restrictions were put in place.

Sign Language Dilemmas – what does the Interpreter wear?

08th Jun 2021

People do not always understand the need for BSL Interpretation (pen and paper works a treat most of the time doesn’t it?) and the role of the Interpreter can be an unwelcome addition/intrusion to the communication process. So, rightly or wrongly, the Interpreter will often become the benchmark and the deaf client will be judged accordingly.

Deaf fitness coach India Morse releases accessible workout series with Joe Wicks

07th Jun 2021

India Morse, a Deaf online fitness instructor and owner of ‘You Lean Me Up’ has released a new series of accessible workout videos with fitness star Joe Wicks. The series launched on The Body Coach’s official YouTube channel yesterday. The videos cover all fitness levels from beginner to intermediate and advanced workouts, they are fully …

Celebrating 40 years of Signature – Focus on UK Deaf Sport

01st Jun 2021

Built around many deaf sports organisations, UK Deaf Sport is a national governing body and charity. The organisation is dedicated to supporting deaf people with their access through sport. Their primary aim is the encouragement of deaf people to participate, enjoy, and excel at sport. 

CSW and Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI); good practices, stretches, and relaxation techniques (Updated: Jul 23, 2020)

28th May 2021

A communicator’s job is never easy and you can find yourselves working in varied and sometimes stressful situations. You will be dealing with real life situations and will need to know how to be flexible and spontaneous, whilst still maintaining in your role.

Concentration Fatigue

26th May 2021

Concentration fatigue is experienced by many deaf and hard of hearing individuals in the deaf community. This simply means that we are using more of our cognitive resources when we are lip-reading, listening to others, and following conversations in sign language. Deaf and hard of hearing people must pay more attention and concentrate harder, in comparison to individuals who are hearing.

Who am I?

25th May 2021

My name is Joanne,  you may know me as the person who wrote the song ‘Give Us the Sign’  written to support the campaign #Where is the interpreter.  I created a choir in 2020 which had a wonderful mix of people with a vast range of age differences, signing ability and a mix of d/Deaf and hearing people.  We created a video which can be viewed on YouTube signing along to Liv Austen singing the lyrics  ‘Give Us The Sign’.  Have a look and see what you think?

Heather Jackson award winner announced

24th May 2021

Congratulations to Lidia Best who has been awarded The Heather Jackson Award for her significant contribution to the improvement of the welfare and opportunity of deafened people. Lidia who is currently the chair of NADP (National Association of Deafened People) became hard of hearing at the age of 12 before completely losing her hearing in …

Being a deafened teacher in a mainstream primary school

18th May 2021

I was five years old when I decided I wanted to be a teacher. I had all my teddies lined up on the floor of our living room while to took the register (because that’s what being a teacher is, obviously!)

All the educational choices I made from that point on, got me to where I am now – a teacher. However, over the course of my 14 years as a teacher, I’ve gone from a mild, manageable hearing loss to a moderate/severe hearing loss with two hearing aids, and it has changed my whole experience of teaching.

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