NHS Launches Landmark Mental Health Campaign With ‘Help!’ From The Beatles

01st Apr 2022

The NHS has launched a new landmark campaign using the iconic Beatles song ‘Help!” to get the nation taking better care of their mental health. Backed by some of the UK’s biggest artists, the campaign encourages people struggling with their mental health to seek support. ‘Help!’, written by John Lennon in 1964, was credited by the …

BSL Bill 3rd reading and BSL Rally

01st Mar 2022

The 18th of March will be an important day for the Deaf community in the UK. It marks the 19th anniversary of the date British Sign Language was first recognized as a language in its own right by the UK government. We are now 19 years later, and we hope that this year we will …

Aim for that Glitter Ball Rose and Giovanni!

19th Nov 2021

I cannot miss the opportunity to mention the recent increase in Deaf people on our TV screens, seeing the number of Deaf actors/editors/reporters and campaigners on national television is just mind blowing!

Royal National Institute for Deaf People (RNID)

25th Oct 2021

Recently returning to its original name, RNID is a national charity dedicated to creating an inclusive world for those who are deaf, hard of hearing, or suffering from conditions such as tinnitus. As well as offering day-to-day support, RNID’s work involves campaigning, funding research, providing accessible information, supplying communication training, and offering practical advice to …

Is Our Language Being Driven by Technology?

22nd Oct 2021

How often do you find yourself looking back fondly to the old days, perhaps someone pops up in your memory bank and you often wonder how they are today. Leaving school, college, university, changing jobs, relocating or having children for instance, can happen in what seems the blink of an eye. It’s very easy, leading busy lives and loosing contact with someone unintentionally and before one knows it, years have passed.  I am certainty guilty, I have done it many times!

NDCS – Teacher of the Deaf apprenticeships

15th Oct 2021

Teachers may in the future be able to become apprentice Teachers of the Deaf as a way of becoming qualified to provide specialist support to deaf children and their families. Since autumn 2019, NDCS been working with the National Sensory Impairment Partnership (NatSIP), the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education, and a team of colleagues …

Microsoft launches UK’s first national digital billboard campaign featuring sign language

12th Oct 2021

The first-ever national digital billboard campaign to feature British Sign Language (BSL) has been launched across the UK by Microsoft to highlight the importance of accessibility in driving innovation. The campaign has been launched at major railway stations, including Reading, Brighton, Waterloo, Birmingham New Street, Manchester Piccadilly, Liverpool Lime Street, Leeds and Edinburgh Waverley. Each digital billboard …

World Teacher Day 2021

05th Oct 2021

Today is World Teacher Day, celebrating the anniversary of the adoption of the 1966 UNESCO recommendation concerning the Status of Teachers. It sets standards regarding the rights and responsibilities of teachers for their initial preparation, further education, recruitment, employment, and learning conditions. The past 20 months have been challenging for everyone – especially teachers. So …

Deaf with Speech

04th Oct 2021

Some of you may know I was born Deaf, granted I was born with more hearing than I have today and it wasn’t until I was around 4 that I was diagnosed profoundly Deaf. I think even today my parents have a hard time believing I was born Deaf.

Royal Association for Deaf people launches new arts platform: HearArt

24th Sep 2021

The Royal Association for Deaf people (RAD) are pleased to announce their collaboration on the new HearArt platform with Academy Award winner, Rachel Shenton (the Silent Child) and campaigner and photographer, Cindy Sasha. HearArt will focus on merging the UK deaf and hearing film-industry communities, supporting deaf people to develop their careers and make the …

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