It is widely recognised that lipreading improves communication for people with all types of hearing loss. A Lipspeaker repeats spoken messages for people who are able to lipread. They ensure clear communication in critical situations or when there is more than one voice to follow. A Lipspeaker uses facial expressions, natural gestures and fingerspelling to support communication. Our Lipspeaking qualifications provide the skills required to be a confident communicator.

We offer a qualification in Lipspeaking for Level 3.

Qualification aim

The aim of the Signature Level 3 Certificate in Lipspeaking is to provide those who wish to work as Lipspeakers with the underpinning knowledge, understanding and skills in order to effectively fulfil their role. This qualification is intended to support the professionalism of the lipspeaking workforce and enable a wider recognition of the valuable role it plays.

Qualification objectives

At the end of the qualification candidates will be able to:

  • demonstrate through assessment the skills required to be a competent lipspeaker
  • demonstrate good practice in their area of professional activity
  • be fully aware of the role of the lipspeaker and the principles of professional practice
  • evaluate and reflect on performance
  • be aware of own capabilities/limitations and develop skills where appropriate
  • promote personal and professional development.

Qualification structure

To be awarded a Level 3 Certificate in Lipspeaking candidates must achieve four mandatory units in order to be awarded the full qualification.

LS301 Prepare for Lipspeaking Assignments
LS302 Deliver Lipspeaking Services
LS303 Develop your performance as a Lipspeaker
LS304 Co-Work with other Lipspeakers

A holistic approach should be taken by centres for the units, in that units may run concurrently and the teaching may cover the learning requirements of several units.

Unit QAN unit number Unit title Assessment
LS301 Y/506/5701 Prepare for Lipspeaking Assignments Written paper
LS302 D/506/5702 Deliver Lipspeaking Services Live observation, recording.
LS303 T/506/5706 Develop your performance as a Lipspeaker Personal Development Plan and reflective journal
LS304 J/506/5712 Co-Work with other Lipspeakers Written essay

Suggested duration

The following table shows the recommended learning hours required to achieve this qualification.

Unit Guided Learning Hours (GLH) Additional study hours Total learning hours Credit value
LS301 20 20 40 4
LS302 50 30 80 8
LS303 20 30 50 5
LS304 10 20 30 3
Total 100 100 200 20

Essential requirements

Potential candidates should have or be developing their skills in English, mathematics and ICT at Level 2 and should have undergone an initial assessment of these skills prior to commencement on the course. In addition candidates will be assessed at interview for their suitability to perform the technical skills required for lipspeaking so that their message is potentially clearly lipreadable. Candidates should also have good unaided hearing to perform accurate lipspeaking.

Target group

Signature Level 3 Certificate in Lipspeaking is appropriate for people who wish to work in the area of lipspeaking and those who wish to lipspeak as part of their role. It may also be of value to Speech to Text Reporters (STTRs) and Electronic Notetakers and BSL Interpreters and other Communication professionals working in the field.

This qualification is listed as appropriate for learners 19+.

Progression routes

A range of other Signature qualifications are also available for candidates to achieve. Please see our Career Paths page for more information.