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Celebrating 40 years of Signature – Catholic Deaf Association 

02nd Sep 2021

Based in Manchester, Catholic Deaf are an association for both Deaf and hearing people who offer services and support Deaf people.

Introducing our new course – BSL for beginners

31st Aug 2021

Signature the UK’s leading awarding organisation in British Sign Language (BSL) are excited to share our new online course – BSL for beginners.   The course, an introduction to BSL and deaf awareness provides an immersive learning experience, with informal clips, receptive practice, short multiple-choice quizzes, vocabulary and more.  Over the last 6 – 12 months we have seen an increase in online ‘introductory’ courses popping up, concerns have been raised with …

Just a third of deaf students achieve two A-levels compared to more than half of hearing students

27th Jul 2021

Just a third of deaf students received two A-levels or equivalent last year compared to more than half of hearing students, the National Deaf Children’s Society has revealed.

Reigate Park Primary Academy announce success as Year 6 pupils pass their British Sign Language (BSL) level 101 with flying colours!

22nd Jul 2021

Reigate Park Primary Academy has recently introduced British Sign Language (BSL) into their curriculum. This has been a huge success, with some of their Year 6 pupils undertaking their Signature BSL level 101 exam and passing with flying colours! Reigate Park Primary Academy’s vision is to create a primary BSL curriculum that can be taught …

The National Deaf Children’s Society has reacted to the changes to Covid-19 rules in education

07th Jul 2021

The National Deaf Children’s Society has reacted to the changes to Covid-19 rules in education, announced by Gavin Williamson today.

Face coverings have been “huge challenge” for deaf people by The National Deaf Children’s Society

06th Jul 2021

The National Deaf Children’s Society has responded to the Government’s decision to lift most Covid-19 restrictions in England, including face coverings, from July 19th.

Signature: Office move

05th Jul 2021

Signature, the UK’s leading awarding organisation in deaf communication qualifications, announces that we will be moving to a new office. From 5th July 2021 Signature will be moving to Shannon House, an office located on Mandale Business Park, Durham. Our new office at Shannon House will see us downsize to a space that more suitably …


28th Jun 2021

Originally called Breakthrough, deafPLUS provides a range of services for deaf people in the UK. These services range from the deafPLUS advice line, independent assistance and equipment services and others aimed at promoting independence and wellbeing.

Deafinitely Mum – Should children learn sign language?

25th Jun 2021

  Hello! Deafinitely Mum here! Today is a truly exciting vlog, I created this vlog especially for Signature, a company that provided BSL courses, so I’m very excited to work with them on this vlog! I had been wondering about this vlog; how could Deafinitely mum be linked to Signature? Ahh! Of course! So stupid! …

Course correction: Why it’s vital your British Sign Language (BSL) course is regulated and accredited

24th Jun 2021

I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve fallen foul to it myself. Having accepted that most accredited British Sign Language (BSL) courses were too expensive for me to enrol in, I settled for a cheap online programme. It was, I was told, a course which had been heavily discounted from hundreds of pounds down to double digits, and with a voucher code, I could bring it down to an affordable £12.

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