Frequently Asked Questions

We know that getting the right level of support is important to you. We have put together this list of frequently asked questions to help you find your answer quickly and easily as possible.

If you can’t find an answer to your question or would like more information, please get in touch.

All of our qualifications are unit based with recommended learning hours for each unit.

It is up to the individual course providers to decide timescales for delivery of our qualifications. Once you have decided on the qualification that you want to learn, and have found your nearest course provider, you will need to contact them directly to find out the timescales.

Individual approved course providers will set their own costs for studying with them. Once you have found the nearest course provider to you please contact them directly for these details.

We aim to release results to your course provider within six weeks of your assessment. They will then notify you directly of your results.

We are unable to give assessment results to students, so if you do not receive your results within the six weeks you will need to contact your course provider.CD

If you disagree with your assessment result you should contact your course provider immediately to discuss this with them. If your course provider agrees with you they will then have eight weeks from the date your result is released to appeal on your behalf.

We aim to issue certificates to your course provider within four weeks of releasing your results. Your course provider will then make arrangements for you to receive it.

We can produce replacement certificates for qualifications gained after 1 September 2007. The cost for obtaining a replacement certificate is £25.00. Please note that the new certificate will be stamped with the word ‘Replacement’.

For qualifications gained prior to 1 September 2007 we can provide a letter of achievement. There is an administration charge for this of £10.00.

If you wish to obtain a replacement certificate or a letter of achievement please confirm in writing to Signature at the head office address.

Mersey House
Mandale Business Park

Please ensure you include as much of the following information as possible:

  • Full name at the time of taking the assessment
  • Candidate ID Number
  • Date of the assessment (month and year)
  • The name of the centre you took your assessment with
  • Qualification taken
  • Full postal address

You will need to enclose a cheque or postal order for the required amount made payable to Signature.

Alternatively you can call us on 0191 383 1155 and pay by credit or debit card, followed up with an email containing the required information.

Our qualifications have been nationally recognised and accredited for several years. That accreditation is and will remain valid. For example, CACDP NQF Level 4 NVQ in BSL remains valid and is recognised as equivalent to the current Signature QCF Level 6 NVQ in BSL.

You should contact your course provider in the first instance if you have any questions, queries or complaints relating to your course, assessments or results. If required the course provider will then contact us on your behalf.

Candidates who have taken any of our assessments since 2007 will already have been allocated a candidate ID number and should pass this information on to you. The number will be printed on their result slip and at the bottom of their certificate.

If a candidate does not have this number they can contact us. You can search for candidates through the My Signature if they were previously registered with you or call our Customer support team for assistance.