World Congress on Mental Health and Deafness is Coming to Belfast

The Signature team is excited to learn of plans for Belfast to host the World Congress on Mental Health and Deafness in September 2014.

The board of the Congress recently agreed that Belfast would host the conference, and plans are now progressing to host the major event. Deaf organisations and health professionals from all around the world will meet to showcase some of the exciting work they have been doing in the field of mental health and deafness, and to outline their plans for the future.

As well as the conference there will be an exciting social programme, with deaf organisations based in Ireland acting as hosts to deaf professionals from around the world. Visits to the Deaf Village Ireland in Dublin, as well as to some major tourist attractions such as the new Titanic Belfast building will feature as part of the conference.

Both the Congress and the networking opportunities for deaf people and those working in the field will be immense, and we look forward to working with organisations in Ireland to ensure everyone benefits from the event.

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