Working from home with Signature

For many of us, working from home is a completely new experience. The changes to our daily lives over the last few weeks has resulted in many businesses changing the ways in which they operate. Signature is one of those businesses.

Signature has continued to innovate over the last few years; by investing in technology and by positively changing our processes to make things easier for our centres. It is through this innovation that we have been able to adapt to this new way of working, while maintaining our core business and the excellent service that goes with it.

Nevertheless, it hasn't been easy for us. Signature staff very much work together, across all departments. This is why being based in our office is the best way for us to collaborate with each other, our centres, assessors and learners. Working from home does have its limitations, especially in our line of work. However, by utilising the best, and most comprehensive IT and email software, we have been able to stay in contact with one another and remain operational as an awarding body.

Take a look at how some of our Signature staff are finding the working from home experience.

Tina – Customer Support Officer

"Its not at all how I imagined working from home would be especially with a 4 and 5 year old also under lockdown, constantly needing something (mainly food!) while my husband is still working shifts!

It's amazing being able to use video conferencing to talk to colleagues and stay in touch as that’s the part I miss the most!

Whilst it's hard to carry out everything I normally do day to day back at the office, having contact with centres and other colleagues through email and phone makes me feel like I am still able to help them as best I can whilst in this unplanned situation."

Liam – Marketing Communications Coordinator

"Apart from completing assignments at University, working from home has been a completely new experience for me. Working within the marketing team requires a lot of collaboration on projects, so I think that aspect has been the most challenging part of this whole experience.

However, using Microsoft Teams to video call has been extremely helpful – it just shows how important technology is nowadays, and how useful it can be in situations such as this one.

A lot of my work over the last few weeks has involved helping Signature learners to gain access to BSLHomework. I think it's fantastic that we were able to offer learners two months free access, and it's really great that so many people have chosen to take advantage of this!"

Christine – Finance Officer

"It's been nice just falling into the routine of setting the alarm for 8.45 am for breakfast before starting work at 9.30. Also, the luxury of not having young children (even though they act that age sometimes) means I have little distraction during the day. However, I do miss not being able to shout round the office for a quick question!"

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