Signature is the leading awarding body for deaf communication qualifications in the UK.

We’re dedicated to improving communication between deaf, deafblind and hearing people, and creating better communities in the process. Since we began our work to promote and teach British Sign Language in 1982, we've supported more than 400,000 people to learn British Sign Language (BSL).

We employ highly skilled people and experts as staff, consultants and suppliers to make sure that our centres and learners gain the strongest qualifications on the market, and receive the best service.

We're committed to supporting deaf-lead businesses, by using a range of consultants and regulated communication and language professionals, like translators and interpreters. Working regularly with these expert consultants and native BSL users means that our assessments have the highest quality of language and content.

We are proud of the challenges our qualifications provide, and we constantly exceed what is expected from us to always be fair and consistent. It’s because of this that our candidates go on to become the most confident communicators and highly-skilled professional interpreters, translators, lipspeakers, and CSWs.

Alongside our qualifications, we're also helping employers and schoolchildren learn more about BSL and deaf awareness so that everyone has the opportunity to become a better communicator at every stage of life.