UKCoD Conference Announced

UK Council on Deafness

On 7 May, UK Council on Deafness (UKCoD) and The Ear Foundation are joining forces to hold a conference in London on the latest hearing technologies – their access and management. We live in exciting times, with the rapid development of all hearing and communication technologies but all too often they can’t be accessed, and when they are, their potential isn’t reached.

This conference will cover the latest technologies and expectations, and will be introduced by Professor Adrian Davis BSc MSc PhD FFPH FSS OBE (Director NHS Newborn Hearing Screening and Department of Health Lead Advisor on Physiological Science Services and Audiology). Prof Davis will be talking about the health care reforms and their impact on access for those with a hearing loss. Adrian has been involved in the transformation and evaluation of NHS Services across a variety of settings. He has a major interest in innovation and how we can better use knowledge, information and technologies to transform and improve service quality and the experience of those with hearing loss.

For those with a hearing loss, whether children or adults, and those working with them, the day will provide a highly informative update on the technology, its potential and its practical use in everyday life, by those who know, including users.

To book your place visit the UKCoD website.

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