Tristan’s Signature Vlog

To keep both current and potential learners informed about the process of learning British Sign Language (BSL) with Signature, we have decided to create a regular Vlog (Video blog) which will follow the journey of a Signature student.

The purpose of this Vlog is to give a realistic view of what learning BSL with Signature is all about. We hope that it will give current students the opportunities to reflect upon on their own experiences, whilst providing potential students with the extra push that they need to enrol on a course with Signature. 

The Vlog itself will feature Tristan, who is currently studying Level 1 in British Sign Language at MeSign – British Sign Language Specialists, in Teesside. 

Established in 2012, MeSign draws upon 25 years’ experience delivering British Sign Language Training to the private, public and voluntary sectors. Delivering courses that are designed around your needs, MeSign provides a comprehensive range of training for the individual or business.

We want to personally thank both Tristan and MeSign for helping to make this happen!


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Week 6 blog


Week 5: “The whole class passed the exam for module 101! There were nerves in the group for the exam but everyone did very well. Some found it helpful to practice in front of a mirror, or on video. A lot of the online videos on Signature and MeSign's websites were very useful too in order to prepare for the exam. Module 102 starts now, and there's a noticeable increase in difficulty!


Week 4 Blog



Week 3: “We've now covered basic greetings, the weather, transport and time periods. We've had sight of our exam material now too – it will be a short conversation with the teacher who will be testing our learning so far. A previous student, Rebecca, has joined us now – she's working with the teacher to help us, and that's a really nice addition to have. In the vlog I mention that it's important to practice, and not just on your sign but on how you show your signs and body language to whom you are communicating with. There's a little in there about deaf awareness too – we start to become more aware of how we can take things for granted when our daily lives are geared towards the hearing community."


Week 2:Tonight was the first class of BSL Level 1 with MeSign. We covered finger spelling, numbers, some key words [yes/no, understand, same/different, please/thank you, tea/coffee/milk/sugar. We also touched on how important facial expressions are for communication – emphasis can change the meaning of some signs, adding context the way that the hearing community may take for granted. Our homework is to practice spelling and numbers. I'm looking forward to the next lesson already!

Week 1: “I'm Tristan, 34 and from Stockton On Tees. I can hear but struggle in noisy environments. I'm doing this Vlog as I learn British Sign Language Level 1 with Signature and MeSign. I've had an interest in learning BSL for a long time and, having only recently taken up the opportunity, I wish I had started sooner. The first class starts in the next few days and continues weekly for half a year! I'll be keeping you updated on my progress through this vlog to hopefully inspire you to start learning too."

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