The Support Resources for Teachers and Students for 2015-16 are now available in My Signature

We have always recommended that teacher notes are distributed to candidates.  For the Level 3 Certificate in British Sign Language we have added a pack of Handouts that you can give to your candidates to support your teaching for topics covered in the Linguistics Unit (BSL320).   

We also wanted to draw your attention to the following paragraph in the qualification specification:

‘The qualification is divided into three units each of which will be assessed separately.  Although assessments can be taken straight after each unit has been taught, Signature suggests that all assessments are best taken at the end of the course when all teaching is complete’.

We want to remind you that Signature offers training on delivering the Level 3 Certificate in British Sign Language, An Introduction to Linguistics of British Sign Language and the Extended Linguistics of British Sign Language.  Details of these training events can be found on our website under training for teachers and assessors.

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