The History of Deaf Education

Remark! TranslationRemark! Translation, a Deaf-led production company, are in the process of developing two documentaries looking at The History of Deaf Education.

They are hoping to find information on the methods and theories of teaching since records became available and look at how ‘oralism’ and ‘manualism’ have changed teaching methods.

They are keen to gather visual materials of any of the following:

  • oralist methods – methods, balloons, spoons, etc
  • hearing aid lessons
  • speech therapy – old and new methods
  • children signing in the playground / school environment
  • any old interviews with oral teachers
  • footage of early total communication
  • footage of makaton being taught
  • any footage of normal classrooms from sign-focussed schools

If you have any materials that you feel would benefit this project and you are willing to share them please contact Sarah Tavner on 020 8691 0210 or email her at

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