Thank you Paula

Paula Rosenberg

This week we are celebrating a special anniversary here at Signature. Paula, our Business Services Manager has worked here for thirty years.

Let's take a look at some of her achievements over the last three decades …

Paula started working for CACDP in 1990, at a time when the organisation only employed a handful of people. A close-knit workforce, the staff were happy to get involved with jobs across the organisation; this included helping to organise assessments and send out results. From logging and sorting post, sending out leaflets, to inputting results, Paula has probably had a go at every job going over the years.

Paula met her husband on holiday in Rhodes, and would often travel down to London straight from work on a weekend to visit him. It was around this time that CACDP opened a number of satellite offices, one of which was in London. One of her greatest achievements, Paula relocated to London to manage the new office there. Unlike head office in Durham, London attracted many visitors on a weekly basis, so Paula relied heavily on her ability to sign. To this day, she remains one of the best signers in the Signature office!

Paula Rosenberg

Despite living and working in London, Paula maintained a strong relationship with the Durham office and even managed the Examinations team at one point. Paula further showed her dedication to CACDP when the London office closed; this resulted in a move back to the Durham office and relocating back to the North East.

Paula Rosenberg

Over the years, Paula has helped Signature navigate through many periods of change. Working under four Executive Directors, she has overseen the name change from CACDP to Signature in 2009, was involved with creating a pilot GCSE in BSL, and helped to develop our new IT system IRIS. These are just some of her many achievements.

Paula has always demonstrated great loyalty to Signature, and has remained dedicated to the work she does for the organisation. She has a fab sense of humour and is a pleasure to be around. Colleagues describe her as welcoming and approachable, and recognise the importance of her role at Signature.

Paula Rosenberg

Paula's current role on the Senior Management team involves overseeing the Business Services team. This includes, Customer Support, HR, IT Support, Health and Safety and Facilities. Arguably one of the busiest members of staff, we want to thank her for the dedication she continues to show, and for the passion she has for the work that Signature does.

Happy 30th Anniversary Paula, Signature wouldn't be Signature without you!

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