Tell Us About Those Who Make a Difference

Signature Annual Awards 2010It’s time to put your thinking caps on and tell us about those who you think are deserving of recognition for this year’s Signature Annual Awards.

We make awards to recognise individuals and organisations who have made, in their own way, a significant contribution toward achieving a society in which deaf and deafblind people have full access. We have seven award categories – to find out more information or how to nominate click here.

Not only could your nomination be chosen as a winner, but they could be put forward as one of our stories and promoted to your regional press. Great stories are just the thing to excite the local newspapers and TV stations and get them reporting on the good news coming from your centre or within your region.

Gravity Consulting Ltd continues to support the Signature Annual Awards PR. They may contact you directly to know more about your nomination and get your story in the press.

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