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The #SignwithSignature campaign will run for two weeks in Newcastle Upon Tyne, ending on Sunday 4th October. During this time, we will be promoting the campaign using digital billboards, bus advertising, and traditional billboards on the Tyne and Wear Metro. This will be supported using our social media pages, so keep a look out for updates!

Following our highly successful Sign Language Week campaign in 2019, we were inspired to create something unique which would help us build awareness of British Sign Language (BSL). We hope to encourage as many people as possible to learn some basic signs and consider learning the language in the future.

The campaign is based around guessing words spelled in BSL. This will be accompanied by a clue, and link to our website to download a fingerspelling chart. If you’re based in Newcastle and see our billboards, make sure to take a photo and tag us on social media (@signaturedeaf) with your answer and use #SignWithSignature. We have some great prizes for all those who share a picture with us on social media.

Don’t worry if you’re not in Newcastle, you will find our daily fingerspelling competitions on social media for the duration of the campaign. The theme will be UK towns and cities. Make sure to comment with your answer, for a chance to win a 12-month subscription to BSLHomework.

Although 2020 hasn’t turned out quite as planned, we hope that this campaign will help to start a conversation about BSL and deafness and allow people to get involved in a fun and creative way.

British Sign Language

Sign language is a visual means of communicating using gestures, facial expression and body language. It is used mainly by people who are Deaf or to support those who have a hearing loss. In the UK, the most common sign language used is British Sign Language (BSL).

  • There are around 150,000 deaf BSL users in the UK.
  • Around 10 million people in the UK have some form of hearing loss. Around 800,000 of these people are either severely or profoundly deaf.
  • BSL was recognised by the British Government as a language on 18 March 2003.


At Signature, we are passionate about improving communications between deaf, deafblind and hearing people, and creating better communities in the process. We want to make sure that deaf and deafblind people have the same opportunities as everyone else, and the same access to education, employment and services.

  • Signature is a national charity, and the leading awarding organisation for BSL qualifications in the UK.
  • All of our qualifications are accredited by Ofqual.
  • Over 440,000 have taken our qualifications

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