Signature urges businesses to employ more deaf people

The Department of Work and Pensions

On Wednesday 17 July, the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) held an event to encourage businesses to employ more disabled people. The event was attended by some of the UK’s leading blue-chip companies, who were informed of the benefits of employing disabled workers.

Signature welcomes the support of DWP and we believe this move could result in more deaf people being offered employment opportunities.

Commenting on the event, Signature’s chief executive, Jim Edwards, said “Changing employer’s attitudes towards deafness is crucial to improving the employment prospects of deaf people. I hope that this event will make major employers consider the contribution that deaf and hard of hearing people could make to their organisation.

Deaf people have a wealth of untapped potential, which poor employment prospects prevent people from realising. If deaf people can’t fulfil their potential, businesses lose out and the economy loses out. This event presents a challenge for major employers to provide work for more deaf people.”

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