Signature Hall of Fame 2023

In November 2022, Signature held our inaugural Hall of Fame event at the National Football Museum in Manchester where we inducted 10 people into the Signature Hall of Fame. The event recognised those people who have gone above and beyond to improve deaf communication over this time.

While we would love to be able to hold a huge celebration like this every year, as we are sure you can imagine, it is very time consuming and expensive to run these events. But that doesn’t mean the Signature Hall of Fame was a one-time thing!

We are going to continue to induct into the Signature Hall of Fame and celebrate the outstanding achievements that happen across the deaf community.

So, for the next 4 years we will be inducting 2 people, every year, into the Signature Hall of Fame, that’s 8 people in total. Signature will organise a small celebration with these 2 people for them to be presented with their Hall of Fame awards and to recognise their achievements.

Then in 2027, 5 years after our initial ceremony, Signature will invite all Hall of Fame inductees, plus 12 new inductees to a big celebration event like we held in Manchester last year. Which will take the number of inductees to 30 by the end of 2027.

Lindsay Foster, Executive Director at Signature said: “last year’s event was a great celebration bringing together the community for the first time, after Covid to celebrate those people that have gone above and beyond over the last 40 years, since Signature became an independent organisation.

We have taken some time to think about how we can continue to recognise those people who do amazing things to improve deaf communication. By inducting 2 people each year with a small celebration, we can then organise a big celebration of all of these people in a few years’ time.

If you know someone who you think should be inducted, please nominate them below.

I look forward to reading all the nominations and the celebration with our next 2 inductees at the end of this year.”

Nominations for the 2023 Hall of Fame can be made now – click here

Nominations for inductees to the Hall of Fame are no will open on Monday 28th August 2023 and will close at 12pm on Sunday 22nd October 2023.

To see the first 10 people inducted to the Signature Hall of Fame click here.

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