Signature collaborate with Signly

Signature collaborate with Signly to Boost Digital Accessibility on Their Website

Since 1982, Signature has supported more than 500,000 people to learn British Sign Language. Signature is proud to be the leading awarding body for deaf communication and language qualifications in the UK. The organisation continually strives to create qualifications that will provide learners with the skills they need to build successful careers and simply raise deaf awareness.

Signature is delighted to team up with Signly, bringing sign language translations to our website. This is a big leap in making our digital space accessible to everyone and amplifies our commitment to deaf awareness. We value our strong ties with the deaf community, making Signly’s inclusion an essential step forward.

Tim Scannell, Signly Ambassador signed, “”We’re very excited about our collaboration with Signature. This partnership not only enhances accessibility but also represents another step toward a more inclusive digital world. Together, we’re turning the vision of sign language access everywhere into a reality.” — Tim Scannell, Signly Ambassador

Lindsay Foster, Executive Director at Signature said, “I am thrilled to be working alongside Signly, a company which shares the same values as Signature. The collaboration will ensure digital inclusion and is a step towards full accessibility.

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