Sign Language Week 2019


Throughout Sign Language Week 2019 we have been overwhelmed by the positive response to the videos we have shared. We want to personally thank everyone who agreed to work with us, and for taking the time to have a go at using BSL. The majority of the celebrities, sports clubs, MP’s and organisations have never signed before, so we thoroughly appreciate them for helping to build awareness of the language.

It is exciting that so many high profile people and organisations are inspiring the next generation of learners. This is something that we are passionate about at Signature, and supporting Sign Language Week has been the perfect opportunity for us to do this.

Going forward, we hope that awareness surrounding BSL continues to grow, and that more people will choose to discover the language. If you have been inspired to learn BSL, you can visit and use our ‘Find a Signature centre’ search facility.

You can also follow the story of SignLanguageWeek by visiting or @Signaturedeaf on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram.

Once again thank you to everyone who has been involved with Sign Language Week – we appreciate your support.


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