Separation with NRCPD


On Wednesday 4th December 2019, our trustees gave their agreement for NRCPD to be fully independent. From 1st January, NRCPD will no longer be part of the Signature group, and will operate as a separate organisation altogether.

In 2016, a decision was made to plan a future for the registration function of the organisation, independent to the awarding body function. Signature has since been a supportive parent company, providing practical assistance to NRCPD until such a time where they no longer needed it.

Lindsay Foster, Executive Director at Signature said “As the registration of interpreters has been a vital part of our work since we began, this is an emotional time, but we are pleased that the separation of Signature and NRCPD has run smoothly. We look forward to seeing them grow and develop as an independent organisation. As Signature looks to the future, our focus is on our work as an awarding organisation and our commercial opportunities.”

Further updates will follow in 2020.


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