Sense Belonging and Participating Consultation

Sense is carrying out a consultation with deafblind people to find out how they would like to participate; how they would like to belong; and how they would like to be included in the world around them.

Deafblind people often want to take part in their local communities but are frequently excluded by different barriers. Sense wants to hear from deafblind people to find out what could do to help improve their lives. They will use the data gathered to help design their services in the future to best meet the needs of deafblind people.

Sense realises that as interpreters you will have contact with deafblind people. They would be really grateful if you could help them by distributing the questionnaire to the deafblind people you work with or by working with the deafblind individual(s) to complete the form.

For more information, visit their website by clicking here.

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