Scottish Government to launch contactSCOTLAND pilot

The Scottish Government is currently funding an online BSL Video Relay Interpreting Service pilot called NHS 24, which aims to improve access to health services for people in Scotland who are Deaf, deafened or hard of hearing.

On Monday 2 March 2015 the second phase of this project is due to be launched, after Ministers agreed that the NHS 24 pilot should be extended to the rest of the public sector in Scotland and rebranded ‘contactSCOTLAND’. 

This is the first nationally funded public sector Video Relay Interpreting Service pilot in the UK and is an example of the action being taken towards implementing Scotland’s Digital Public Services Strategy.

From Monday 2 March 2015 service users will be able to contact any public service they need, such as their Doctor, Police Scotland, Council Services, Housing, Social Work and NHS 24, through the BSL Video Relay Interpreting Service.  Please note however this service is not for Emergency 999 calls. 

For more information about the BSL Video Relay Interpreting Service please visit  

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