Recognising Signature teachers

The last 14 months have been difficult and for a lot of us, we have faced disruptions that we couldn’t have anticipated. At Signature, we worked hard to adjust how we work and developed an online platform that allows learners across all levels to learn and take assessments online. Moving forward, as things begin to return to normal, the option to teach online will remain available to our centres.Signature Logo

We now want to take time to thank our centres and teachers, who have adapted quickly and taken the move to digital learning in their stride during the pandemic. We understand that this has been a testing time, but we are proud of our centres and we want to begin sharing the great feedback we’re receiving from students.

At the end of March 2021, a student from Deaflinks reached out to us about his British Sign Language Level 1 class experience.

“ I am a hearing person of 52 years, and I have been learning BSL essentially as a recreational activity at an evening class. At Deaflinks in Shelton, Stoke on Trent. I live I Stafford myself. 

The first introductory course I did was 10-12 weeks in duration, and I made some great friends and learnt a hell of a lot. It has opened my eyes in terms of awareness also with people who are challenged with their hearing and hearing loss.

So much so that I have moved on the BSL Level 1 Course – run by Signature. This was supposed to start in May 2020 but was postponed, and started with great steps taken by those at the Deaflinks site to ensure safety for everyone, in or around November 2020 I think. Following going back into lockdown the course has been carried out over Zoom, and tonight I have taken the Module 102 exam – fingers crossed for that. 

Now for the reason I am messaging. The person that makes it an absolute pleasure to take part in and really so much fun is our tutor – Jennifer Brown – who has been deaf since birth. She is an utterly outstanding teacher regardless of the fact of whether she has hearing or not. Furthermore, she makes it so much fun, with humour, tunes in to everyone varying abilities and interests. Also, when I have missed a class for work or illness, she has gone out of her way to help me catch up and not miss out.

 The material is spot on, the classes organised, the technology challenges addressed, the learning and practice sessions perfect for learning a wonderful new skill. I cannot speak highly enough of her, and wondered if there was some kind of recognition award that I (we) could nominate her for. Covid are challenging times and it’s things like these that maybe we should recognise to give us all a shot I the arm.

Learning BSL has had a massive effect on me. I love attending each Monday Night and I would without a shadow of a doubt want to do Level 2 if the opportunity arises and I am good enough. I have most definitely become more aware of those around me, and definitely want to get involved with deaf/partially hearing children going forward.

I am almost certain that my fellow class mates will agree in how amazing Jennifer is, and how much we all appreciate her.” – Richard Morris

We welcome this wonderful feedback and we want to ask you to continue to share it with us. If you’re a Signature student or have been during the lockdown, please get in touch using the form and let us know why your teacher deserves to be recognised. (If you’re a Signature centre, please feel free to share this link with your students).


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