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British Sign Language for Secondary Education

Signature has aspired to develop a British Sign Language (BSL) for secondary education since 2010. Since then we have been involved in campaigning for the introduction of BSL to the national curriculum.

To prepare for the launch of the BSL qualification in secondary schools, we recruited a working group in early 2015, which was made up of respected professionals in education and deaf communication, along with other awarding bodies who have experience of creating qualifications for secondary education. This working group have written the draft qualification specification content, along with the teacher support materials and other necessary documents in preparation for the pilot starting in September 2015.

We have also chosen our six pilot schools, following an overwhelming response from schools across the country who were keen to be involved in introducing BSL in their school. Following the pilot, we aim to make the qualification available to all schools – We are seeking recognition to award GCSE qualifications and intend, in the future, to award this qualification as a GCSE.

You can read more about the Signature BSL for Secondary Education here.