Positive Signs Following Prime Minister’s Question Time

During Prime Minister’s Question Time on 14 July 2011, David Cameron agreed to progress with sign language support for deaf parents and their children after pilot schemes proved to be “a huge success”.

Malcolm Bruce, MP for Gordon, raised the issue with the Prime Minister:

“Following a question from me to the Prime Minister’s predecessor three and a half years ago, the right hon. Member for Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath (Mr Brown) set up pilot schemes to provide sign language support for deaf parents and their children in Devon and Merseyside. Those have now been completed, and they were a huge success. Will the Prime Minister meet a delegation of deaf parents, their children and their representatives to discuss how that sign language support can be extended to all children and their parents across the UK?”

Prime Minister David Cameron responded with the following:

“My right hon. Friend makes a very good point. We do a lot to support different languages throughout the UK. Signing is an incredibly valuable language for many people in our country. Those pilot schemes were successful. I looked at what the previous Prime Minister said to him when he asked that question, and I will certainly arrange a meeting for him with the Department for Education to see how we can take this forward.”

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