Political Parties Commit to Deaf People

Signature Scotland welcomes the recent manifesto commitments made by Labour and the SNP ahead of the 5 May 2011 election.

Labour have pledged to ensure gender, race, religion, sexuality, age and disability are not barriers to accessing public services, employability or training. They will maintain the Equality Unit and aim to ensure that all public information is accessible to all people. Labour also recognises that there is a shortage of BSL interpreters in Scotland and plans to increase support for those learning and using BSL.

The SNP plans to support the provision of British Sign Language lessons for parents of new-born deaf children. This could really improve the lives of young deaf Scots and their parents. They will continue to invest in services for deaf Scots and blind and partially-sighted Scots and work to improve access to services and remove barriers to inclusion.

We are pleased that both parties have made commitments which chime with our Signature pledge, to “support fully accessible public services for all deaf people in Scotland”. We look forward to working with both the SNP and Labour, regardless of the election results.

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