Opportunity Knocks for GCSE in British Sign Language

The Department for Education

The government’s consultation exercise on the future of the national curriculum in England provides a golden opportunity to introduce GCSE British Sign Language (BSL) into the curriculum.

The current definition of a modern foreign language in the national curriculum only applies to a written or spoken language, which presents a barrier to introducing BSL.

Signature is campaigning for the definition of a modern foreign language to be altered to “a written, spoken or signed language” so that GCSE BSL can be introduced. This would be a minor amendment that could yield significant results.

Introducing GCSE BSL would be a ground breaking education reform that would improve the learning experience of Deaf students. It would also safeguard their fundamental human right to study their native language in school.

Signature is working in close association with colleagues in the deaf sector to put together a response to the government’s consultation.

With the consultation deadline fast approaching, on Tuesday 16 April, we encourage other organisations to get involved and ensure that the Deaf perspective is firmly on the government’s radar.

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