Ofcom’s response is a step towards improving the viewing experiences of deaf people

Ofcom has introduced new reporting measures to assess the quality of live subtitles as a result of Signature's recommendations. This follows our response to their consultation Measuring the Quality of Live TV Subtitles, earlier in the year.

We believe that the measures outlined in their response will encourage broadcasters to improve the quality of their live subtitles.

The response recommends that measurements should be introduced to assess the speed, latency and errors in live subtitles; as well as the number of pre-recorded broadcasts with live subtitles. It also suggests that different types of programmes such as news, entertainment and chat shows should be assessed separately.

We are pleased that Ofcom has implemented our main recommendations and hope this will act as a catalyst for change by encouraging broadcasters to work together with the regulator.

Commenting on Ofcom's consultation response Signature chief executive Jim Edwards said, “After submitting our recommendations, we are delighted to see our hard work has paid off.

Ofcom's recommendations will encourage broadcasters to step up and improve the quality. It is a marvellous step towards improving the everyday TV viewing experiences of deaf and hard of hearing people. In the past the variable quality of live TV subtitles has left them lost in translation. 

TV is a shared cultural experience for deaf people, one that they should be able to enjoy equally. I am hopeful that Ofcom's announcement will change this situation for the better”.

Read Ofcom’s Report

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