NVQ Level 3 & Level 4 Transfer of Registration

This message is to remind centres that any NVQ candidates who are registered for Level 3 NVQ in BSL (units PSL3 & RSL3) or Level 4 NVQ in BSL (units RSL4, PSL4a, PSL4b) must submit their portfolios for external verification before 30 June 2009. The final date for certification for this qualification is 31 August 2009.

Any of your candidates who are unable to meet this date, but still wish to submit their portfolio, will need to be transferred to Level 3 NVQ in BSL (Units L3 & S3) or the Level 4 NVQ in BSL (L4 & S4). To do this a candidate registration form should be completed and sent to Signature; there is no charge for this service. Please ensure that the registration form is clearly marked ‘Transfer of Registration’.

The form can be downloaded from the NVQ handbook or by clicking the links below.

NVQ Candidate Registration Form (Transfer of Registration)

NVQ Candidate Registration Form (Transfer of Registration)

Once the candidate registration details are transferred, the candidate’s evidence will need to be assessed against the L3/S3 or L4/S4 standards.

For further information please contact jenny.liddle@signature.org.uk.

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