NUT Disabled Teachers’ Conference

The NUT 2010 Disabled Teachers’ Conference will be held on Saturday 12 June in London.

Each year the Union holds a conference for members of the Union who define themselves as disabled. This event enables teachers to share experiences, learn from each other and debate Union policy about campaigns to achieve disability equality in the profession.

This event is open to all teachers who define themselves as disabled and this can cover teachers with cancer, HIV, MS, ME, Parkinsons disease, epilepsy, mobility impairments, visual impairments or hearing impairments, work-related stress, anxiety, depression as well as any other mental or physical impairment which teachers experience.

For more information or to download an application form click here, or please contact Vanita Patel at:

Hamilton House
Mabledon Place
London WC1H 9BD

Tel: 0207 380 4861

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