Noteable develop new captioning software

Following Deaf Awareness Week 2010, Noteable are proud to announce their newly developed captioning software “Stage Captions 1.0” which will greatly aid the accessibility of theatre and performance captioning across the country. This captioning software has been specially developed to relay output to LCD screens, making it unique in current theatre captioning provision.

The main benefits of the software are that it:

  • Runs on any Windows 7, Visa or XP computer
  • Relays output to an LCD screen or any portable monitor/screen
  • Has in-built notetaking software functions to enable easy input for unscripted dialogue
  • Is cost effective and could be licensed to and available in every theatre

Noteable hopes to work with Signature to develop an approved training course in captioning for theatre staff and volunteers. The aim is to increase the number of potential captioners (and therefore increase accessibility) while maintaining a recognised standard.

StageCaptions software has the potential of being used at any venue, large or small and so could increase the amount of all types of captioned performances across the country. If you would like further information on this exciting new development for accessible theatre, please contact Andrena McMenemy at or check out