Signature Conference: Brightening the futures for so many

Added 25 Oct 2016

Signature is very excited to announce the Signature Conference 2017, where we are bringing together educators, experts and students from across the UK to discuss shaping the future of education.


Reviewing National Occupation Standards for Interpreting

Added 25 Oct 2016

Signature and NRCPD are involved in a review of the National Occupational Standards in Interpreting that is currently taking place

Centre update: Regulations now available in BSL

Added 21 Oct 2016

We appreciate the importance of our regulations being fully understandable to all of our course providers.

The regulations for Level 1 Award and Level 2 Certificate in British Sign Language are now available on the Signature Portal and website in British Sign Language. The regulations for Level 3 and Level 4 Certificate in British Sign Language will also be available shortly.

Signature at the Language Show Live

Added 14 Oct 2016

Signature will be attending this year’s Language Show Live in London on Saturday 15th October.

Centre update: Changes to Level 3 Certificate in BSL

Added 06 Oct 2016

The Level 3 Certificate in British Sign Language is approaching the end of its three year lifecycle. This gives us an ideal opportunity to review the qualification.

Having received feedback during this time, we have decided to amend the way the BSL321 assessment DVD is presented to candidates.