Closed for Christmas

Added 22 Dec 2010

Signature's offices will be closed from 12pm on Friday 24 December 2010 and will be back on Tuesday 4 January 2011. We would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and look forward to working with you in the new year.

Sense Belonging and Participating Consultation

Added 16 Dec 2010

Sense is carrying out a consultation with deafblind people to find out how they would like to participate; how they would like to belong; and how they would like to be included in the world around them.

2010 Customer Service Survey

Added 07 Dec 2010

Everyone at Signature is committed to improving customer service standards. To help us do this, it is important we know how you feel about the service we offer. In the past, our survey of centres has been incredibly helpful in making sure we offer the service you want.

Centre Portal Availability

Added 07 Dec 2010

We continue to improve the efficiency of the online service we provide our centres. To enable us to do this, the centre portal will be unavailable from midnight 14 December until midnight 16 December 2010.