Deaffest returns in November

Added 30 Jun 2009

Deaffest, the UK's only Deaf-led film and television festival is returning in November. Taking place between 27 November and 29 November at Light House Media Centre in Wolverhampton the festival celebrates the talents of Deaf filmmakers and media artists.

MSP Highlights Sign Language's Regional Variation and Calls For its Recognition as Indigenous Scottish Language

Added 22 Jun 2009

Press release from Dr Bill Wilson. Dr Bill Wilson, an SNP MSP for the West of Scotland, a member of the Scottish Parliament's Equal Opportunities Committee and a champion of the Scots language, has spoken out in support of the needs of Scottish 'speakers' of British Sign Language (BSL).

UK signs up to UN Enable convention

Added 17 Jun 2009

The UK has become the latest country to sign the UN Enable convention. Governments who have signed and ratified the treaty are bound to make certain provisions for the deaf community.

New Figures Confirm That Deaf Children Are Falling Behind at School

Added 12 Jun 2009

Government figures, published by NDCS, show that deaf children's GCSE results continue to lag behind those of all children, and may even be falling further behind. You can read more on this story by visiting the NDCS website.

Deaf Learners in Further Education: Bridging the Access Gap

Added 11 Jun 2009

In November 2008 Signature and the North-West Partnership held a one-day research conference. We asked what barriers there were for Deaf learners in Further Education. The report has just been published by the LSC and can be found here.

Emergency Texts for Deaf People Get National Trial

Added 08 Jun 2009

A national trial is set to take place this Autumn to enable deaf people to send text messages to contact the emergency services. The system, which if successful could be up and running in 2010, will allow people to send a text to 999 in order to contact the police, ambulance and fire services.

Still Time to Nominate For a Signature Award

Added 04 Jun 2009

Time is ticking! There is now less than four weeks to get your nominations in for the remaining three Signature Annual Awards categories. The Communication Professional of the Year, Joseph Maitland Robinson Award and Organisational Achievement acknowledge those whose contribution moves us all further toward achieving a society in which deaf people have full access.