Positive steps in developing a GCSE in British Sign Language (BSL)

Added 02 Aug 2018

On 31st July, Signature met with Ofqual and the Department for Education (DfE) to discuss recent events around the development of a GCSE in British Sign Language (BSL). We are pleased to announce that we will be preparing a proposal for the development of a GCSE in BSL. This is not a commitment from DfE and Ofqual to agree a future qualification but is hugely positive news. Signature would like to thank them both for the opportunity to meet with them and for helping us take a step in the right direction.

Try our new and improved Teacher Training!

Added 22 May 2018

Signature Teacher Training is our flexible online platform, created with Signature BSL teachers in mind. Following our initial success, we recently underwent an update in order to include exciting new features.

Chicken or egg - guest blog

Added 24 Apr 2018

In The Gambia, there are four Gambian Sign Language Interpreters, for about 39,000 Deaf people.  In 2013, as there was no government funding to pay interpreters, and no interpreter development programs, I started a project to employ and develop the skills of these interpreters.

GCSE update

Added 11 Apr 2018

This year, largely due to the great work of Wayne Barrow and The Silent Child team, there has been a lot of much-needed conversation surrounding BSL in schools, and the status of our proposed GCSE in BSL. We wanted to give our supporters an update on the status of the qualification and stress how hard we are continuing to fight.

Lindsay Foster: Statement following the debate in Parliament on teaching BSL in schools

Added 06 Mar 2018

Yesterday, 05 March 2018, Minister for School Standards Nick Gibb rejected the petition to have BSL as part of the national curriculum. He also rejected the creation of a GCSE qualification in British Sign Language.

The Signature Annual Awards is back!

Added 12 Feb 2018

This year we're hosting the 10th anniversary of the Signature Annual Awards. Read on to find out more and how you can nominate someone special and be a part of the celebrations.

Director of Development

Added 06 Feb 2018

NRCPD is seeking a Director of Development to join the small but vital charity. NRCPD is entering a period of rapid and exciting change and is looking for a person who can engage and communicate with all of its stakeholders.