NatSIP Working Day

NatSIP are holding a National Working Day tomorrow, 5 February, entitled ‘SEND Legislation—Countdown to Change’.

Stephen Kingdom, Deputy Director, SEN and Disability DIvision, Department for Education will be the keynote speaker.  He will be joined on the platform by Baron Low of Dalston, Helen Wheatley, Assistant Director of CDC, Jim Edwards, chief executive Signature, Brian Lamb and Lindsey Rousseau NatSIP, as we look at emerging legislation following the debate in Parliament and the responses to the draft Code of Practice.

The day also offers an opportunity to meet members of the BSL Coalition who are working within the NatSIP contract to improve outcomes for deaf children using BSL and other sign systems

The day will include a session with Baron Low of Dalston on the Children and Families Bill in The House of Lords.

Signature chief executive, Jim Edwards, and Lindsey Rousseau, NatSIP Facilitator, will give a NatSIP update and a focus on the work of the BSL coalition.

In the afternoon there will be a series of workshops, followed by a discussion on ‘Next Steps’.

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