National Occupational Standards for Lipspeakers

Signature is pleased to announce its involvement in a programme of work to develop National Occupational Standards (NOS) for the Lipspeaking profession. The NOS describes what a person needs to know, understand and perform in order to carry out the role in a consistent and competent way. For lipspeaking, it means it will help define a progression route in the profession and raise the profile of lipspeaking as an available service for lipreaders.

The work is being led by the CfA Business Skills. This project also involves other organisations in the deaf community, such as Action on Hearing Loss, Association of Lipspeakers (ALS) and Lipspeaker UK.

CFA want your views on the NOS and have published an online survey for practicing lipspeakers and non-practitioners e.g. lipspeaking service users, employers and other users.

View the draft NOS for Lipspeaking

Take the practicing lipspeakers survey

Take the non-practicing lipspeakers survey

The deadline for completion of this questionnaire is Friday 25 November 2011.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to receiving the results of the survey.

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