Minister for Disabled People reveals communication support review

Mike Penning the newly appointed Minister for Disabled People announced an internal review of the access to communication support for deaf and hard of hearing people, at a meeting attended by Signature earlier in the week.

The internal review will look at the access to communication support available across government.

A cross governmental review was one of the key aims of Signature’s joint deaf sector campaign for improved communication and language support and features prominently in Sir Malcolm Bruce’s Communication Support (Deafness) bill.

We are delighted to hear that the government are planning to act on one of the campaign’s main recommendations. This would be a great way to assess the level of support currently available and identify areas of improvement. 

We believe the internal review provides a fantastic opportunity to champion communication and language support for deaf and hard of hearing people across government. We look forward to seeing the results.

Read the Press Release from Sir Malcolm's Office

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