Liverpool Schoolgirl Nominated for Signature Annual Award

Published in the Liverpool Daily Post. To see the original story click here.

An eight year old girl was nominated for a national award – thanks to her signing skills.

Amelia McCabe has been signing since she was a little girl as both of her parents are deaf. The youngster’s talents have even stunned her mother, who set up West Derby-based sign language academy Talking Hands.

Amelia, from Croxteth, is currently taking her level two exams which are an equivalent to a GCSE.

If she passes, she will be one of the youngest in the country to get the qualification.

She was nominated for the Signature Annual awards in the Learner of the Year category.

Mother Nicola said: “Amelia started to sign at seven-months-old – just basic signs such as Mummy, Daddy, milk, more.

“Like her brother, Liam, she continued to develop her signing vocabulary.

“Both her and Liam sign to their father and speak or sign to me. It is useful to us as a family as it puts us all on an even keel and while we, the parents, do not wish to use them as interpreters they naturally do tell us what is going on around us.

“Both of them show huge promise and could certainly work in the field if they so desired.

“We are extremely proud of Amelia and Liam, who attend a three-hour evening class.

“We are also proud of them as people – they have a lovely caring nature.”

Nominations for the awards closed at the weekend and Amelia will hear in the next few weeks whe-ther she has made it through.

Proud grandfather John Jones, who also works at Talking Hands, said: “It is brilliant that she has been nominated for an award. Amelia is incredibly excited about it.

“She has been signing all of her life as both of her parents are hard of hearing. Her mum, Nicola, is easier to communicate with. But the only way Amelia and Liam can communicate with their dad is by sign language.

“Liam has already done his level two and there is a little bit of sibling rivalry. I think Liam was one of the youngest to take the exam, but Amelia may beat him now.

“I think awards like this are important to encourage people to succeed, and I really think Amelia is in with a shot at winning.”

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