Lindsay Foster: What UCAS recognition means for students, Signature, and better communication



For almost 40 years, Signature has worked hard to improve communication between deaf and hearing people, which is why we are excited to announce that Signature Level 3 qualifications now qualify as points on the UCAS Tariff Calculator.

The Tariff Calculator is a system used to allocate a set amount of points to different qualifications by UCAS . It uses points as entry requirements to higher education courses across the UK, and therefore gives universities and course providers a simple way to compare applicants.

This means that our current Level 3 qualifications now officially count towards the entry requirements of more than 500,000 university degrees and higher education courses in the UK. This is an opportunity to connect more native BSL users to the 380 universities and colleges that UCAS works with across the UK, and encourage more further education students to study for our qualifications, especially those hoping to study in areas where better deaf communication is needed and where a Signature qualification will help them to stand out from the competition, e.g. nursing and teaching.  

Signature's Level 3 qualifications are the only qualifications of their kind to be recognised by UCAS, further establishing our qualifications as the strongest on the market and our unwavering commitment to quality.

There’s more information on our website about our Level 3 courses and UCAS Tariff points here

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