Lindsay Foster: GCSE Update


Signature has been involved with the process of creating a GCSE in BSL for many years now. Beginning with a successful pilot qualification in 2015, we oversaw its creation and distribution throughout a range of secondary schools.

However, neither the Department for Education (DfE), nor Ofqual were in a position to develop a qualification at this time.

Despite set backs, we continued to utlise our own resources in order to step up our fight to make the GCSE a reality. We have seen some major developments within the last twelve months, and I am pleased with how much Signature has achieved over such a short period.

In July 2018, Signature met with both DfE and Ofqual to further discuss the possibility of creating a GCSE in BSL. After a successful meeting, we were tasked with creating two proposals for the development of a GCSE.

Following much work and commitment, In November 2018 Signature submitted these two proposals to DfE and Ofqual. A meeting with DfE and Ofqual then followed in February 2019.

Based upon the proposals that Signature submitted, it was confirmed that DfE will now begin the complex process of developing subject content to see if a GCSE qualification is possible. This is excellent news.

I am proud of the hard work undertaken by Signature up until this point, and I very much see this result as an achievement for both us, and for thousands of children throughout the UK.

Signature has continued to push ahead with this, but we must now wait with everyone else as DfE take this forward. We continue to offer support to them during this time.

On the 26th June 2019 Lindsay Foster met with Nick Gibb MP and Lord Bruce where they discussed the GCSE and the work Signature had already undertaken. The DfE are now working through the complexed process of creating subject content. Nick Gibb MP did say this was a difficult and complexed process. 

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