Lindsay Foster: A positive year of change for Signature

Lindsay Foster: A positive year of change for Signature

It’s been another exciting year for Signature. As 2018 comes to a close, it’s the perfect time to reflect upon our triumphs, but also the challenges we have faced over the last twelve months.

Signature is continuously adapting to the ever changing technological environment. I am proud of the way that we evolve and actively plan for the future, and how we make way for further advancements across the organisation.

So let’s take a look at the positive changes we have made in 2018.

We are continuously improving the ways we communicate with our centres, students and partners. We have invested our passion and energy into creating more opportunities for people to learn, to encourage more training providers to run courses and to support more skilled teachers to teach them.

We have embraced technology. The introduction of assessment uploads is just one example of how we are innovating and continuing to provide the best possible experience for our centres.

We have changed the way that we approve and regulate our centres. This process has been challenging for both us and our centres. However, as always, we can stand by the quality in how our qualifications are delivered.

In November, we celebrated ten years of the Signature Annual Awards. I have been with Signature since the awards began back in 2009. And in my opinion, it was the biggest and most successful. Running the awards for ten years is a real achievement, not just for us, but for everyone we have had the opportunity to recognise for their hard work and commitment.

Most recently, Signature CPD was launched on the Signature Learning Hub, just last week. This is something that we have wanted to create for a long time. We worked with top professionals in their field, to share wider knowledge of the subjects. The end result is fantastic.

Something which is very close to our hearts here at Signature is our continued fight to get a GCSE in BSL. Despite initial setbacks, we have not been detracted from our goal. There have been positive steps in the right direction, and we successfully submitted our proposal to both the Department for Education and Ofqual.

We really have achieved a lot this year, and I very much look forward to see what we will achieve in 2019.

Finally, I just want to wish all of our centres, learners and supporters a Merry Christmas, and all the best for the New Year. 

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