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When you decide to study a Signature qualification, you are gaining access to almost 40 years of experience in helping our learners to be the best communicators they can be. If you have any questions or queries that your centre is unable to answer for you, we are always here to offer you advice and support.

The Signature Learning Hub

This part of the Signature Learning Hub designed specifically for learners, you will find resources aimed at developing your BSL skills.


BSLHomework is an online library of video clips and support materials to help you understand the assessments, develop your vocabulary and linguistics skills, and practice your receptive BSL skills from wherever you are.

Developed by BSL teachers and experts with Signature students in mind, BSLHomework is the perfect training resource for anyone studying British Sign Language Levels 1-6.

BSLHomework can be used to complement Signature qualifications, and is very useful in terms of practicing for exams and understanding what is expected from the qualification specification. It very much provides you with the material needed to continue your learning outside of the classroom.

Based on responses from 245 Signature students who use BSLHomework, we received the following feedback:

  • 87% said that BSLHomework was easy to purchase
  • 100% of students said BSLHomework was good value for money
  • 94% would recommend BSLHomework to a friend
  • 75% said it improved their BSL skills
  • 65% use BSLHomework to help with the completion of a Signature qualification.
  • 82% agreed that BSLHomework meets all of their expectations.


BSLHomework1extra and BSLHomework2extra are comprehensive DVD's of BSL stories to help students practice their receptive skills and prepare you their Level 1 and Level 2 assessments.

BSLHomework1extra and BSLHomework2extra were developed by BSL teachers and experts with Signature BSL students in mind. It is the perfect study resource for people who want to continue developing their skills outside of the classroom.

Available as a physical DVD, or through digital access. You can find out some further information and purchase through the Signature shop

Learning Resource

Download our free British Sign Language learner resources below.

Welcome Booklets

Starting a Signature qualification? Download our helpful welcome booklet that provide hints, tips and further information on your course.

Welcome Booklet Level 1 in British Sign Language 2023/24


Welcome Booklet Level 2 in British Sign Language 2023/24


Welcome Booklet Level 3 in British Sign Language 2023/24


Welcome Booklet Level 1 in Irish Sign Language 2023/24


Welcome Booklet Level 2 in Irish Sign Language 2023/24


Welcome Booklet Level 3 in Irish Sign Language 2023/24


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