I-Sign Project – BSL Learning Opportunities

The I-Sign Project is led by a group of deaf charities and educational organisations. Funding has been given to improve the status of British Sign Language (BSL) for deaf children in England as well as ensure the future of this.

One important part of the project is to complete a picture of the formal and informal opportunities to learn BSL that are available in schools, colleges, universities, and any other educational organisation in England.

This is being led by Signature. Some of you have already contributed to this part and the information can be viewed in a PDF file. If you would like to add more details to this please download the word document, complete and return.

  • If you have already given us the information, please check that the information that you have given is correct. Please add any courses, programmes, qualifications or training you may have missed to the downloadable word document.
  • If you have not sent in any information could you please view what we have done so far. Please use the word document to add any relevant courses, programmes, qualifications or training that you deliver.

We would be grateful if you could complete this and return it to Joanne Wears by 30 September. You can email your information to joanne.wears@signature.org.uk.

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