Get Deaf Aware is a Smash Hit

Get Deaf Aware

Did you know that the Signature Get Deaf Aware product is available in 3 versions for the UK, Scotland and Ireland?

The training package is self deliverable, it explains what deafness is, how to communicate and includes interesting facts and statistics. There is also information on the technology used to support deaf and hard of hearing people.

Debs Buller from Deafinate Training had this to say about the product;

“The Deaf Awareness training pack has enabled Deafinate Training to deliver a high quality package of training in this subject. Evaluations have been positive leading to further requests for training. The activities can be modified to accommodate all learning styles and ensure an inclusive approach. Trainees responded well to having the opportunity to learn to communicate effectively with their hearing impaired, qualified lifelong teacher and appreciated the support and guidance given.”

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