George Greenway: England Deaf cricket captain

Signature recently reached out to Exmouth and England cricketer, George Greenway to learn more about his cricketing story. The blog shares the emotions and inspirations of the cricketer. We hope that the blog highlights that being Deaf should not get in the way of sport or pursuing a certain career. Thank you to George for sharing his story and more about his achievements as an England captain.



  1. Hi George, first of all can you tell our readers a bit more about yourself?

I am a carpenter/window installer Monday to Friday. I spend my weekends either training with cricket or looking after my little son (Freddie) and of course my partner.

  1. How did you get into playing cricket, and did anyone in particular inspire you to play?

I started playing cricket at the age of 8 with my brother while my family went for a walk along the beach. I often saw my friends playing cricket and I was always keen to join in and get involved. Since deciding to take part, I have fallen in love with the sport.

  1. You recently won the silver medal at the Deaf Sports Personality of the Year; please could you tell us a bit more about this achievement?

It was an honour to be nominated and be in the company of so many great deaf athletes. To come second was incredible and an achievement I am very proud of.

  1. The England team most notably won the Ashes for the first time in three decades, how proud did you feel about such a historic win?

I have been playing deaf cricket for just over 12 years and my first tour was in fact to Australia. To win the series as captain was fantastic. It was an extremely proud moment for me and for all of the team, as well as all the staff that were involved in that series.

  1. For you, what has been your biggest barrier that you have faced being a Deaf sportsperson?

I feel lucky to have been part of a great community both within deaf sport and also my home club, Exmouth. I have always been included, so I think I have been quite lucky.

6. Finally, do you have any specific goals or aspirations for the future of Deaf cricket or in your personal sporting career?

I have always wanted to represent the highest standard that I could possibly play, so winning the ashes is one, but the World Cup is my dream.

Outside of playing cricket, I really want to focus on myself. There is nothing in this world that is stopping you doing something. You simply need to believe in yourself. Once you begin to believe in yourself, you have to make sure you enjoy everything you do.

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