Funding from Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure Helps Deaf People in Northern Ireland


A group of 13 young Deaf people recently completed the Signature Level 2 Certificate in British Sign Language qualification having undertaken an intensive course in Northern Ireland. The course was funded by the Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure (DCAL) Sign Language Partnership Group.

Richard McFadden from Foyle Sign Language Centre, who taught the group, said, “The candidates have worked extremely hard and yesterday sat all three assessments in one day. They will receive their results very soon.”

Pam Tilson, Communications Manager with Signature in Northern Ireland said,
“Hearing people who leave school in Northern Ireland without a qualification in English are given the opportunity to undertake a GCSE or essential skills English qualification free of charge at their local further education college. Deaf people aren’t automatically given the option to achieve an equivalent qualification in their first language free of charge. The funding from DCAL has allowed Signature to work in partnership with Foyle Sign Language Centre to enable this group to achieve what their hearing peers can.”

Signature continue with our campaign for a GCSE in British Sign Language. Check out our website for regular updates.

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