Feedback from our customer satisfaction survey


I want to thank our centres for taking part in our annual customer satisfaction survey. We had 42% more centres respond to us in comparison to last year; it’s fantastic that so many of you have shared your opinions.

All of us at Signature really do welcome the honesty and constructive feedback you have provided. We have taken on board all of your comments, both positive and negative, and a lot of time has been taken to consider your individual thoughts. This has been shared with all Signature staff, and will be used as part of ongoing discussions in future.

We are proud to share:

  • Our centres told us that their favourite thing about working with Signature was their connection with the people who work here.
  • 82% of our centres would recommend us to others.
  • 99% of centres are happy with our customer support.
  • 97% of centres think that the latest online improvements are extremely positive.



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